Meet the Owner

"Homewood Antiques & Marketplace is that personal store on the corner," owner/operator Chris Collins says.  "You can get just about anything here, and if not, we'll help you find it."

The store is a mixture of old, new and everything in between.  An eclectic shopping experience isn't the only thing that Collins offers.  Collins and her staff have created an atmosphere perfect for wandering, and the store itself has become a destination for many. 

"Walking through the store invokes a lot of emotions," Collins said.  "People find things that remind them of [someone] or some place and they'll laugh or tears will come to their eyes.  That's the part I love-finding things that tug at your heartstrings."

When asked about the courage it took to start her own business, Collins shrugged.  "I just dove off the diving board head first," she said with a smile.  "That's the way I do everything.  I just went for it."

It's not uncommon for young entrepreneurs to have some level of fear when starting a new venture.  Collins' advice is to, "be prepared to be tough.  Work hard and stand up for yourself.  It's all possible.  When people around you see that you have a passion that you are going to go for it, they'll [support] you," she said.

Homewood Antiques and Marketplace offers antique furniture, new and old jewelry, upholstery, fine art prints, framing and so much more.

"I'm always asking, 'how can I make it better?" Collins said.  "There's always one more thing I want to add."  So whenever you stop by the store, you're bound to find something new!

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