Pepper’s Garden

Renee & Tim Carruth have been all about the “hunt” for treasures ever since they met 20 years ago.  Although they both have worked in the steel industry for over 30 years, Renee grew up in her Mom’s antique shop in Pensacola, Fla., packing up estate sales as well as refinishing antique furniture.  The love to repurpose & love old things became a lifelong passion.  Tim caught the bug when Mom decided to retire from the antique business.  He helped liquidate everything they didn’t buy themselves and take home!  When it got to the point there was no more room at home to buy new treasures they teamed up with Chris at Homewood Antiques in 2013.  You’ll find a wide variety of items!  From antique & mid-century glassware, to antique furniture, to custom handmade designed furniture.  When Tim is not working on his furniture projects you’ll find that he is busy making Salsa, Pepper Jelly & specialty Jams.  He & Renee sell his products at The Pepper Place Farmers Market on Saturdays.

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